5 Fun Facts About Foodies


Foodies are interesting folks to be around! Here are fun facts about them that you will enjoy learning about whether or not you are a food lover!

Foodies Love Sharing Food

Foodies love spreading their love for food. They truly believe that exploring rightly with different types, combinations, and arts of food can feel like a trip to paradise and they absolutely love that others can feel the same way about food and experience amazing experiences with food.

Foodies usually write blogs and journals and do TikTok so readers and viewers get to experience and enjoy all food matters just as much as they do, or almost! They like to be ‘eye openers’ to those who have always turned a blind eye to the wonderful world of food, and are sometimes the reason non foodies eventually end up being total foodies.

Foodies May Judge You!

Foodies can be quite judgemental when it comes to food choices that people make. People might think this is harsh, but that is just how they are! Their passion for food gives them a tendency to judge people based on their food choices. In other words, a person’s food choices give them hints about his/her personality, which helps them make important decisions.

For instance, if you went on a first date with a foodie, he/she is definitely going to judge you by your food order: what you choose based on the time of the day or the occasion, and what you enjoy the most. It should pretty much help him/her decide whether he/she should go on a second date with you or not!

They Know It All!

When it comes to types of cuisine and the best restaurants, the foodies know it all! This is not just about local restaurants in town or around the country, but about knowing the best places in the world whether it’s Syrian traditional food in Australia or the best French cuisine in town or in Paris itself.

Foodies have so much information and experience. They travel to find and taste different foods, and so, they just know where to go and where not to! They know which restaurant is worth spending tons at, and which ones are a No-no!

Foodies Watch Food Porn

Yes, they can even binge on a series of recipe videos or the top-tips and hacks type of content. They love watching them and indulging in every minute of it. They love the whole process and every part of meal prep and presentation from laying out the ingredients to tossing and blending them, and finally placing every element artistically, one by one, with a beautiful pair of hands! They watch, learn, and do stuff themselves – prep, present, and eat, and they always make it a point to take pictures of it!

They Prep Their Meals

Foodies are fans of home-cooked meals, and they do it with their own hands. While eating out is always a pleasure, they prefer having their regular meals home-cooked by their own hands. They do this with so much love and passion and it may be one of the few things in their daily-activities they enjoy doing the most. They find so much contentment in their home-cooked meals 

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