Choosing the Right Woodfire Pizza Oven for Your Home


The aroma of wood fired pizza is something truly magical and while there are many restaurants that offer this, you can actually have this right in your own home. You need to start with installing a woodfire pizza oven in your house.

When choosing pizza ovens, you have to consider capacity and size. You will be having this in your backyard so you have to consider how much space is available here or in your outdoor kitchen. Another factor is how many pizzas you can cook at once. There is a range of sizes that these woodfire pizza ovens come with. There are compact models that you can easily fit on a table top and also large freestanding ovens that will easily accommodate multiple pizzas. A larger oven with a higher cooking capacity will be needed if you entertain frequently but if you have limited space, a smaller portable oven may be sufficient. When it comes to woodfire pizza ovens, these have two fuel types which are wood or gas. The traditionalists love the woodfire pizza ovens for their authentic flavour. And when you cook with wood, there is a smoky and charred flavour to the pizza crust that you can get which is impossible to achieve with gas.

But when it comes to gas fired pizza ovens,

There is a lot of convenience and these are easy to use as well. The temperature can be controlled more precisely which will help cook pizzas quickly. If you choose a woodfire pizza oven, you will need to store and manage hardwood but this is not an issue with gas. So gas fired pizza ovens are a good option for busy home cooks. You have to consider your personal preference for pizza flavour when making the decision. Think about your comfort when it comes to managing a wood fire. You have to look for quality materials when it comes to the construction of a woodfire pizza oven. The materials should be able to withstand the high heat of a wood fire without warping or cracking. The classic choices that are known for their heat retention are brick and clay ovens. They can also produce a crispy crust. The modern options you can consider are stainless steel and cast iron which are easy to maintain and very durable.

There are many designs you will come across

When it comes to woodfire pizza ovens. There are traditional dome shaped overs that will bring to your mind classic Italian pizzerias. There is a rustic charm that they can bring to your backyard. But there are modern and sleek designs available as well. You need to consider the look and feel of your backyard when selecting the design so that it complements your existing décor and landscaping. Consider the temperature range of the pizza oven. Ideally, it has to reach temperatures such as 427°C or higher. There are woodfire pizza ovens that come with temperature gauges and controls for airflow so that you can adjust the heat more precisely. This will help you achieve consistent results with your cooking.

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