5 Simple Tips to Prepare a Perfect Bowl of Salad


The first picture that comes to our mind when we hear the word salad is lettuce spread with some onions and tomatoes on top which is pretty boring. However, with time, the preparations of salads have evolved in a manner that some people have them as a healthy option for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

If you are one of such individuals but do not enjoy your bowl of salad, you may be doing it wrong. Read ahead to find out some amazing ideas that you can make use of to make your salad more attractive and flavourful.

1. Choose the greens

To prepare a salad, the most fundamental ingredient you need is some fresh leafy greens. You can either choose one type or combine several varieties.

So, for the salad, you may pick the typical iceberg lettuce, kale, spinach, and use one of them or combine all of them to be ready to make your salad.

Moreover, make sure the greens are dry because they can look dull when adding in the dressing. But if you got wet greens as well, you may combine them with the dry ones.Furthermore, make sure you tear the greens into bite sizes.

2. Mix in some colours

With only leafy greens, your salad may look quite boring. Hence, apart from the greens, you can also add some other vegetables to your salad to make it more colourful and treat your eyes.

Some vegetables like baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, so that you can chop them faster. They can either be chopped into bite-sized pieces or if you prefer you may mince them finely with the help of a food processor.

3. Dress the salad

A significant aspect of preparing your salad is doing its dressing, which adds life to a mere bowl full of vegetables. You can choose whether you want it to be basic or rather rich.

Therefore, to start making your dressing you can add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice. To make it creamy and thick you can add buttermilk.

Additionally, to add some sweetness to the dressing, mix in some honey and blend all the ingredients well. Then, you can taste the dressing and adjust the level of acidity and sweetness accordingly.

Finally, simply sprinkle the dressing over the salad little by little and toss it well with your hands and fork in between. This is to ensure the saladdoes not get drenched and only dressed lightly.

4. Add seasoning

To add some extra flavour to your dressed salad, adding salt and pepper is an important step. Make sure they are fine and ground well so that you can add how much you want and mix them with the salad while tossing with your hands or forks.

For this purpose, you can choose any type of seasoning but using Kampot red pepper is highly recommended. This is because it is very juicy and can induce a pleasant sweet flavour to your salad which is a total contrast to black pepper.

5. Add in some nuts and fruits

Other than the greens, vegetables, and dressing you can also add some seeds and nuts as well as some fruits like avocado, berries, and even raisins.

Before adding them, make sure you cut them into small pieces as possible and then add them on the top as a garnish and enjoy some additional flavours.

You can research more tips and incorporate them as well when you prepare your salad next time.

the authorDeandraRivett